As a Buddy Merchant, you have access to a wide range of means to represent your business on the platform. Each instance has some images here and there that you can upload to better communicate your products and/or services.

Some extra info on submitting images:

  • Supported file formats are .jpg and .png
  • Try to keep file sizes as low as possible. Please aim for a max of 2Mb per image. We allow a maximum of 10Mb per upload, please refrain from uploading images of that size as it will take longer for images to download and display.
  • The initial image upload for your logo will be used on items such as vouchers, loyalties and other places where it is present.
  • Needless to say, any indecent images depicting sexual, discriminatory or harming content will not be allowed.
  • Please review your uploads by looking at what they look like on the mobile apps to ensure best results.

Here is a quick breakdown of the image types and their size requirements

1. Logos - 1024px by 1024px

Make sure to use images that capture your face or logo perfectly withing a circle. All logo related UI elements display as a circle.

.PNG's are a preferred file format for logos

2. Listing Cover Images - 824px by 520px

The image (outlined in red) takes up the whole usable space of the card. The UI elements are displayed on top of the image. Note that there are other types of listings cards, each dependant on the listing type. Yet, they all use the same size and display metric.

Also, take note that only listings within the Shop section don't have Image Carousels (i.e. the 'Shop listings card view' shown above). Thus you only need to supply one image for a Shop listing.

3. Listing Image Carousel - 824px by 520px

The carousel allows for a merchant/user to showcase their listing in more detail. You can upload multiple images.

4. Voucher Images - 972px by 400px

The image you upload will get masked to accommodate for the layout of the voucher's design.

5. Menu items (product thumbnails) - 512px by 512px

Make sure to have your product/subject matter placed in the centre when choosing an image.