Using any Buddy app, you can easily and quickly pay for your parking. Skip the queue and be on your way.


  • You need an internet connection to use this feature.
  • All transactions are secured by Paygate (learn more).
  • Currently, we only support Maerua Mall parking. More coming soon.

Here's how to pay your ticket

Here's how to pay:

  1. Tap the Pay button on the bottom app bar.
  2. On the top 3 tabs, tap on Parking.
  3. Next, tap on Maerua Mall.
  4. Now you can either scan the QR/Bar code on the ticket OR manually enter the ticket number.
    1. SCANNING: Just tap the Scanner button, align the QR/Bar code within the green square.
    2. MANUAL: Just tap on the field to enter the ticket number. Make doubly sure it's correct.
  5. After scanning the code or entering the number, the ticket's total will show. Tap on the bottom Next button.
  6. In Checkout, choose which card to pay with and tap on Pay.
    1. You can use your Smile$ Card to pay, or
    2. Any other credit/debit card you've loaded. Just enter your CVV number after tapping Pay.
  7. And just like that, your payment is done. You can now leave the parkade.

        Paying with your Smile$ Card: your Smile$ balance will be updated. You can view your Smile$ transactions

        under the Smile$ Rewards page.

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